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F N F Services Privacy Policy

F N F Services Ltd collects personal information from customers for design, invoicing and internal marketing purposes. Customer information is not shared or distributed for third party marketing.

What personal information does F N F Services Ltd collect about their customers?

  • Mailing / Billing Address
  • Physical (property) Location / Legal Address
  • Email address
  • Phone Numbers (home and cell)
  • Size of Property
  • Size of home and number of occupants
  • Interests and hobbies that may affect water / septic usage

How will F N F Services Ltd utilize collected information?

  • To complete a sale or transaction with customers
  • To design septic systems
  • To deliver or mail product or information to customers
  • To arrange for supplier deliveries of product
  • For customer service or internal marketing purposes
  • F N F Services Ltd will obtain separate consent from their customers prior to utilizing their project(s) for future customer reference / referrals
  • IF a customer elects to utilize F N F Services Ltd for credit reference purposes, the customer will be required to contact F N F Services Ltd with written confirmation approving said request prior to any information being released
  • F N F Services Ltd will disclose personal information as required to do so by law

How does F N F Services Ltd obtain their customers consent?

  • When a customer provides us with personal information to complete a transaction, design a septic system, or arrange for a delivery, we assume you consent to our collecting it and using it for that specific reason only
  • If F N F Services Ltd asks you for personal information for a secondary reason, like marketing, we will ask you directly for your consent or provide you with an opportunity to say no. Saying no is called ‘opting out’
  • By opting out, you can tell us not to collect the information and/or not to share it with other companies

How does a customer ‘opt out’?

At the bottom of quotes, invoices, emails and forms that communicate directly with F N F Services Ltd there will be a box that can be selected that will allow the customer to ‘opt out’ of internal marketing from F N F Services Ltd (e.g. Christmas cards / promotions), the 'opt out' correspondence can be returned either via email, personal delivery or Canada Post.

Third party distribution is not a practice of F N F Services Ltd and will not happen unless the customer is approached specifically for this purpose and consents to the request

How do I get more information?

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your personal information.

If you would like more information about our policies, or you would like to see exactly what personal information we have about you in our records, or you wish to register a complaint, please contact:

  • Contact Name: Marlene Fedorus
  • Business Telephone: 780.418.0928
  • Business Fax: 780.419.6019
  • Business Email Address:
  • Business Address: 8 Beacon Cres, St Albert AB T8N 0A3

You can also contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada for assistance between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, at:

  • Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376 / Phone: (819) 994-5444 / Fax: (819) 994-5424 / TTY: (819) 994-6591
  • or by mail at:30 Victoria Street / Gatineau, Quebec K1A 1H3
  • or on the Web at:

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